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…I’ll Show You Your Future (Part 2)

If you haven’t read my post from yesterday, you can do so here. So, I go to my fourth grade class with my box full of goodies in hand, happy and excited to announce my arrival into the “box club.” And it worked! I was in. We hung out at recess with our boxes and talked about all the other people who didn’t have boxes and we bartered and exchanged

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Show Me Your Friends… (Part 1)

Fourth grade was a crazy year for me. I thought if I left my mom at all, something bad was going to happen to her. There was an entire month where I didn’t make it through a full school day without needing her to come pick me up. It got to the point where she had to work in the nurse’s office and the library just so I could have the peace

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“Get Out!” (What’s My Boat Part? 1)

Have you ever walked into a bathroom when someone else is using it? Yeah. It’s the worst. I honestly don’t know who it traumatizes more… the person using the bathroom or the person intruding. So. Much. Vulnerability. And sometimes the person being walked in on tries to be so polite, “There’s someone in here.” A gentle tone, a calm demeanor. I feel like it’s ok to be completely rude in

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Fear Is A Liar

I tend to over exaggerate. Mostly for humor’s sake. Something happens that is kind of funny. But when I retell the story to friends, it’s pumped up a bit for comedic value. Usually it works. I assume everyone can sense my sarcasm and believes the story to be less dramatic than I portrayed it to be, but I can’t be certain. My wife always keeps me in check with it

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