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You Are Not Alone // Part 2

You are not alone. Read that sentence again. I’ll even write it again so you don’t have to go back. You. are. not. alone. I know what you might be saying, “How do you know I’m not alone?” Whenever I was a younger person and someone would write in a book or article or preach from the stage at church, “You are not alone.” I always thought, “Cool… I’d like

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You Are Not Alone

Matthew 11:14 says, “Whoever has ears, let them hear.” 6 simple words. But if we can tuck the principle into our hearts it can radically change the way we see situations, deal with stress, resolve conflict, and simply live our lives. The other day I took my son Ethan to get his haircut. If you’ve read any of my other posts you know he’s almost 4 and he’s just the

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What I Learned from My 1-1/2 Year Old

Friday was the first day of our vacation in South Carolina. We left home Friday morning and drove about 8 hours before stopping at hotel to settle the kids in and gear up for the final 4 hours on Saturday. Traveling with toddlers really isn’t bad, but it does require some extra time and “stuff.” We packed snacks, games, videos, and made sure we took our time on all stops

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When I’m Weak

I spend a lot of my time trying to look like I know what I’m doing. A lot of times people come to ask me questions you can see it in their eyes, they expect me to know the answer. I do not like coming across like I don’t know what I’m doing. But the truth is, I am weak. I am scared. I am uncertain a lot of the

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I bought a new car recently. And by “new car” I mean a 2012 Chevy Cruz. It’s new to me though, so that counts right? It’s smaller than the SUV I traded. I got something smaller because I do a lot of driving and it gets really good gas mileage, plus I wanted to upgrade my wife to something bigger because she is the one who is generally transporting the

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“Get Out!” (What’s My Boat Part? 1)

Have you ever walked into a bathroom when someone else is using it? Yeah. It’s the worst. I honestly don’t know who it traumatizes more… the person using the bathroom or the person intruding. So. Much. Vulnerability. And sometimes the person being walked in on tries to be so polite, “There’s someone in here.” A gentle tone, a calm demeanor. I feel like it’s ok to be completely rude in

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Fear Is A Liar

I tend to over exaggerate. Mostly for humor’s sake. Something happens that is kind of funny. But when I retell the story to friends, it’s pumped up a bit for comedic value. Usually it works. I assume everyone can sense my sarcasm and believes the story to be less dramatic than I portrayed it to be, but I can’t be certain. My wife always keeps me in check with it

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